Technical Rider for DJ Safri

Clubs, venues, festivals, corporate- & private parties:

A standard modern CDJ setup (in perfect working condition) with:
Soundsystem: speakers & amplifier(s) - high quality with sufficient power & headroom.
DJ mixer: Pioneer, or other professional quality: Xone, Denon or similar, with at least 4 stereo channels
CD players: 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus/NXS2 or 900 Nexus, connected with LAN cable.
Monitor speaker(s): one (or two) near the DJ setup, level adjustable from the DJ mixer.
Microphone: Shure SM58 or similar dynamic mic, connected to the DJ mixer.
The DJ setup should be on a table or stand of 90-100 cm height.

Please note:
DJ Safri will bring a laptop + external controller(s).
- Free space of at least 45 x 45 cm is needed behind or next to the DJ setup.
- At least 2 free 230v power sockets are necessary. Cables to connect this laptop setup he’ll bring himself.

Small parties (<80 people):

On small parties DJ Safri can perform with just his laptop setup and do without the CD players, DJ Mixer and in some cases even the monitor speaker. However, he always needs a proper soundsystem! When this is not available contact him well before to arrange it.