Safri often works together with visual artists, decoration- and artwork designers, dancers and musicians. If you book DJ Safri for your event and want to spice it up even more, feel free to ask what's possible...

Various professional VJs can provide a stunning visual backdrop for a global event.
When a VJ is above your budget, it is also possible to use custom made DVD's with visuals.

Decoration & artwork design: Echt Johan Manschot
Excellent colorfull global design. For a decortion slideshow click here.

- Bellydance, solo or groups, Tribal Fusion Bellydance, male Bellydancer
- Indian Dance: Bollywood, Temple Dance, Rajastani
- Gypsy
- Sufi / Dervish
- Latino dance: Tango, Salsa
- African dance

Some dancers can also give workshop. A great way to get any crowd moving!

- Darbuka (Middle Eastern percussion)
- Sitar (Indian strings)
- Latin Percussion
- Ney (Middle Eastern flute)
- Oud
- Guitar