F.A.Q. ~ Frequently Asked Questions....

About Safri:

Q: Is Safri your real name, or otherwise, what does it mean?:
A: I choose it as my artist name because it's a very short abbreviation of my real first- and last name. And also because of its international character. In several countries around the world, Safri is a common name. Besides, in several languages Safri has various meanings.

Q: Are you one half of the Safri Duo?
A: No! The Safri Duo are two guys from Denmark. They produce percussive electronic trance music. And no, I don't like their music.

Q: Are you one of the Safri Boyz, or related to Balwinder Safri?
A: No. This artist from Punjab (India) is a star in the Bhangra music scene.
I do like Bhangra music a lot!

Q: Are you related to Youssef Safri?
A: No, I'm not related to this Moroccan international soccer player. To be honest, I'm a lousy soccer player...

Q: What are your roots, where are you from originally?
A: I'm a true world citizen, like all of us!

About the music Safri plays:

Q: Why do you play this kind of music?
A: For various reasons, like:
1) Most important: because I really like it myself!
2) Because this music deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.
3) Because not many other DJs play it. But it's growing!
4) Because I hope it brings people (with different backgrounds) together.

Q: Where do you get your music?
A: From everywhere! From little shops or markets in distant countries, from specialist shops nearby, from Amazon, iTunes Music Store, eMusic etc. Also, I get a lot of music direct from musicians & friends around the world.

Q: Do you know where (the lyrics of) the tracks you play are about?

A: Often, no. But most songs -no matter where they're from- are about love and/or relationships, aren't they? ;-)
I prefer to play music with a positive, friendly vibe. However, sometimes I play music with political lyrics. But I always try to avoid playing music that can offend people. Because I respect everyone's religion, faith, skin color, sexual preferences etc.

Q: Do you also play Dutch music, or music with Dutch lyrics?

A: Not very often. There just isn't a lot of music that would fit in my sets. Don't expect me to play Dutch artists like Frans Bauer, Bl
øf or Marco Borsato. Just because I don't like their music at all! And there are many other DJs who do play their music.

Q: Do you play tracks by Lady Gaga, Tiësto, James Brown or any (well known) European or North American artist?
A: No. As Safri I focus on the great music made in other parts the world. But sometimes I do play tracks by European/American artists who are very much influenced by non-western music.

About booking Safri:

Q: How much money you as charge for a DJ set?
A: I don't have a fixed price. It depends on a lot of circumstances: what kind of event, the size, the location, the date, time & length of my set etc.
Just contact me and provide me with as much info as possible.

Q: We want to book you for our event. How do we contact you?
A: Go to the
contact page. Call me directly, or fill in the contact form. Please add as many details about the event as possible. I'll try to answer a.s.a.p.

Q: If we book you for a party, do you bring your own sound system?
I'll only bring the music I play, on my laptop and some on CDs or USB sticks. Equipment has to be arranged by the promoter. However, if necessary, I can help getting the right equipment. Just contact me for more info.

Q: What equipment do you need?
A: See my
technical rider

Q: Why don't you play vinyl records?
A: I love vinyl records and have plenty at home. But most of the new music I play just isn't available on vinyl. Besides, vinyl is heavy and fragile. And I like to travel light.

Q: If you don't play any vinyl records or CDs, can you still call yourself a Disk Jockey?
A: Sure, I'm a hard-disk jockey :-)

About this website:

Q:Who made this website?
A: I did it myself! With an Apple computer and great software called RapidWeaver. The graphic page banners and the 'DJ Safri' logo were made by
Echt! Johan Manschot. Most photos were made by Miriam Collombon.

Q: I have remarks about the website
A: Please fill in the form on the
contact page