From early childhood on Safri has been fascinated by music in general, especially dance music. While growing up In the severties, his parents fed him a broad mixture of pop, classical, jazz, gipsy, world and other music. Of coarse, his musical taste developed over the years. Already at the age of 9 he started buying his own records. While entering the 80's he focussed primarily on disco & electronic dance music, but he always kept a passion for non-western music, especially balkan & oriental sounds.

In the mid 1980s he started DJ-ing on local highschool and student parties. Back then he called himself DJ Zero One. Inspired by the rise of house & techno music around 1988 he started producing electronic music himself. Soon after, he released several techno and acid-house records with his band Random XS. These records gained international success, taking him all over Europe and to the USA for live- and DJ gigs. He started his own recording studio in his hometown Utrecht where, next to his own productions, he was working on various projects with musicians originally from Turkey, Morocco and Cape Verde.

Around 2002 he realised he needed a new challenge. The lack of new developments in techno & house music made him aware again of his other musical passion: global dance music. After a couple of non-western hit singles by artists like Panjabi MC and Bhangra Knights he realised it was the right time to start off in a completely new direction. He already had a huge collection of oriental- & asian dance music. And now it was the time to take it out to the clubs & stages. In 2003 he changed his dj name to DJ Safri.