DJ Safri works on 'TouchMeDare' project, debut on the 2007 Lowlands Festival

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DJ Safri cooperated on the 'TouchMeDare' project, which was presented to an audience for the first time on the dutch LOWLANDS Festival 2007.
TouchMeDare is a big (3,5x2,5 m) interactive touchscreen which enables people to produce their own musical compositions by touching each other thru the flexible screen.
Several dutch DJ/producers and sounddesigners were asked to produce a collection of sound loops, as source material for the composition.
DJ Safri produced a collection of 'global loops', combining Egyptian- & Cuban rhythms, Tibetan- & Indian voices, North African Oud, Spanish flamenco sounds and more.

More info see the
TouchMeDare website (remark: the music in the movies is not made by Safri!)