Nacht van de Vrede

Safri is performing on the Nacht van de Vrede (Int. Peace Day) event at Spiegelzaal of Tivoli - Oudegracht, Utrecht. He’ll be providing the soundtrack to the 'Arabic Spring' theme.

Mixes, mixes...

New mixes for Solta a Franga / Concertzender Radio.
Listen to the streams:

June 10:
Balkans without Borders mix
May 13: Bhangra Party mix : Dhol, Tumbi & Bass
April 8 : Vintage World Funk mix

Baba Zula megamix

A special edition of Solta a Franga, the weekly global beats radioshow at Concertzender(.nl). Dedecated to only one band: Baba Zula from Istanbul, Turkey.
Since 1996, they combine traditional turkish instrumets like saz, spoons, baglama and darbuka with bass, electronics, psychedic dub effects and animal sounds.

DJ Safri is a big fan for many years now, and once had the privilege to play before and after their gig in Amsterdam. For this megamix he choose some of his favorite album tracks and combined them with some special remixes and a live recording. This mix was broadcasted on Concertzender radio on March 11 2011.

Baba Zula megamix

Arab Revolution Mix

Inspired by the recent events in Egypt and other Arab countries. Triggerd by the dubstep remix of "Immortal Egypt" by DJ Zhao.
A mix made for 'Solta a Franga', the weekly global beats radioshow at Concertzender(.nl) live broadcast 04-02-2011 23:00
Dedicated to all who strive for freedom and democracy in a peacefull way. Worldwide!

DJ Safri - Arab Revolution Mix by DJ Safri

2010 WorldBlend mix

2010 - the world in a blender....: 25 tracks in 60 minutes!
From Bombay to Bamako, from Bogota to Buenos Aires and from Bucharest to Barcelona...
A DJ mix made for 'Solta a Franga', a weekly radioshow on Concertzender(.nl).

2010 WorldBlend